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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Smiling Flowers...

           The flowers in my garden caught me by surprise, today morning.It was a lazy Sundy morning, as usual I walked towards my little garden,with half closed eyes droopliy  and I was all eyes when I saw the lovely  flowers  smiling to me  and could feel the fragrant kisses blown for me as morning wishes.

           The jasmines were happily nodding to the mild morning wind , spreading their enchanting fragrance, as if they try showing me how lovely they bloomed in an overnight.

          Amazing isn`t it?...and those lovely moonbeams in the garden and crossanandras waving too, to convey "we too...we too". I couldn`t stop smiling.
         I just love these smiling flowers talking to me and could just forget this world and immerse myself in the lovely world of flowers by staring at them with  love. I love to take a deep breath of positive energy from their intoxicating aroma blown for me.

        Thankyou little buddies...Thanks a ton for making me happy every moment I see you or think of you. Lots of happy blooms for you dear flowers......

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