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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Woman Mind Vs Man Mind

      MIND  Vs  MIND 

I had a question squeezing my mind and heart since I got married. 
What concepts do matter for living a content life?Let`s try listing out a few…
Beloved ones` staying around,perfect career with good package,happy married life,happy children,health,good friends,nice community,good habits…..what else?

If everything is good in life, life will surely be awesome.But what if someone has some spoilt item in the above list of good things in their life?How to deal with it….especially the unhappy marriage?……finally got to the point ;).

I think that`s unsolvable when you are in a dilemma of how to handle it. In such case,it`s quiet miserable to live together and quite difficult too,to quit the loop, assuming some social reasons.But, may be this is for women…How do men think about it?

What do men think about marriage?How do they analyze things?Are they really as emotional as women? or what ?and many more WH questions triggering the mind.
While wandering in thoughts on this concept,I encountered a nice and quick video about 
Men and Women`s thinking style on the same concept ….or rather How do female and male brains think or react?…bla bla bla

So,for now enjoy this video….This video cleared some basic confusions in life….. ;)

Hope you all like it….….lot of laughs!!

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