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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Horrible accident of my Life!!! - Yes, I feel Reborn!!

Dear my friend, I hope to find you in your happy soul soon....I heard this story from my best friend..

It was 18th late afternoon,going for shopping and met witha really a horrible and the most terrible accident of my life.

Me and my husband were in cara,talking something and suddenly in fraction of seconds,our car took sudden fast left steer and climbed the footpath and hit the big tree.
It was a big car,hence the complete damage was taken by the car.My lovely car was dead but saved us from horrible disaster.
I was beside to my husband,I was thrown forcibly to the front with heavy pressure ,I went and hit my chest to the front. My knees got horribly hurt.My shoulders pressed. My head hit the front very roughly.My chin bone hurt badly.
I couldnot breathe.I couldnt utter a word.My tongue was bitten between teeth and was little bleeding.I can feel the pain in every part of my body.
I was in pain,watching my husband.He was feeling pain in the chest.
Everything happened very dangerously,but the tree and the car saved us like angels.
I believe in GOD,we are saved by him.Ofcourse,the car had to be trashed away,with no hope of getting it back to it`s form.
After 3 days,I am writing all these.I still can`t believe , I AM ALIVE!!!

I am religious person.I strongly believe that it was a miracle happened in our lives.
I learnt a lot from this incident,nothing is valuable than a healthy life.
It`s a blessing that we are alive.Past,whenever I was upset and sad with the situations and people.I felt like dying.I never cared my life as a blessing.I always used to ask GOD to ake me away.

May be my sadness reached to the peak.That it had no more height to was thrown very forcibly down and away from me forever.
I hope and want to value my life,atleast from now on.Situations in life give us some message,which had to be accepted.

I just want to move on in the life with the great hope in Life.

It was something,I was not understanding or recieving the message from the universe.
I was completely waken up and taught a lesson in life. " LIFE IS VERY PRECIOUS AND IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING IN IT".

I write this with shivering hands and trembling voice and tearful eyes.

I still cant belive what and How I went through the rough time in Life.

I wish to see the happy life ahead.

All my soulful thanks to the Almighty!!!I feel like re-born...Yes!!!!

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