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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Poetic thoughts on "Lost Love!!!"

           A poet`s words on….. "When True Love cries for not accepting it !!!!……"!!

My love ….oh my love…please come back to me.

I am sorry I din`t understand you when you cried and said… loved me truly.
May be I am now punished for,not accepting your love.
My life….Oh my life please come to me again and say You love me.
Want pure and  everliving  love....My Lord!!
Those were the days when I was overwhelmed with the love,sparkling around me.
 I din`t know it was all your happy and positive vibes  for me.
My dear ones….oh my dear ones …please excuse me for not identifying you.
Now it seems to be,life is at the stake…..don`t know why! but I am seriously all alone with some negative around. 
My happy angels….oh my lovely angels help my soul to brighten up again.
Just wanna run away…I wanna go back to happy those days with you all.
Now I am trying to shut my eyes tight and dream about the love you have shown for me.
But cannot see your image as my  sad tears fill in my eyes….and makes your image so blurred.
My real friend…oh my true love ….sorry to miss you for this life.It`s a curse…Yes!!! 
It`s a curse for having chosen wrong options  in the life`s flow chart.
Why this happened to me……Why me!!!!!!!!!
My great lord….oh my kind almighty!! Please save me from this haunting past karma.
Sorry my love oh my true love….for taking you for granted.
You don`t know my dear…how much I miss you now.
I suffered my life-donors very sad too.I am guilty…I am sorry …oh my life-donors.
Oh true love,If I would have accepted you.
I  would have made my life-donors happy forever.
Life Donors 
I know I am in danger…..and want to close my eyes forever,
My soul…oh my broken soul…give me one more chance to make you up.
Oh, the hope!… the most needed one …yeah there`s all possible reasons got  to mention  for loosing you,so bluntly.
Yes it was my blunder for not accepting that true love!!
My heart…oh my heart…please stop crying saying “I don`t like being like this!!”.
But my dear heart…please you bear the pain for the society,
You can`t and you could never hurt your life-donors anymore.
Promise me my soul!!…Promise me my heart!! ….Promise me my dear mind!!
That you all bear this life silently …. for my life-donors,
Yes we will dear…Yes we will dear ...

Life is so so damn disgusting. I am almost exhausted in my life.

`coz I can`t bear the wildness around me…I know I have to live for my life-donors.

oh true love …Oh lovely beings….sorry,I badly hurt you all by staying calm and not accepting.

`coz this society is very harsh that may hurt you badly.
and I suddenly heard the echo sounding…..

Yes we will for our life-donors!!

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