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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dream Place!!

One of my dream places to visit,is the beautiful star-studded beaches.

It was always my dream to talk to stars and play with them.May be it was my childhood fantasy ,still deep routed in my thoughts, whispering magically “Yes!! your dream will come true.”
Though you can`t reach the stars …..they will come for you one day!! 
I wish you the best of all the chances to reach that place soon where they are eagerly waiting for you,calling you eagerly….with resonating -whispers waving on the shore!!

Dear we are here!!….you are not alone!! You are not suppressed by anyone`s own purposes nor the universe can submerge you in the flow of karma!!

Waiting for you!!….As in the sky we are here for you all the time but seen only in the darkness. We are here for you in the darkness of your life.We are here to sparkle-up your fading the happiest aura.

Please come to us…take the glitters back.We have been biding for you since long.And now we can`t wait to see you soon. 

You got many deep scars on your soul and heart,my dear…Don`t hide those painful scars on your heart and soul by smiling around and just living.

Let`s cure your heart for the lifetime….now!!…yes right now!!

         We came for you and just for you, all the way from the infinite spread skies…. Our Love waiting for you since long time,dear!!

Come on come to us….Have the great and happy life as you always wished to have!!!

Awaiting for you since long,
                                                                              Yours` Forever,
                                                                                Stars of hope!!


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