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Friday, December 19, 2014

Lovely Universe...

Walking in the woods…

The best ever things which give us everlasting positive energy and happiness are often overlooked by us.

The blissful freshness you experience when the early sun rays bless you,spreading from the wide sky.

It`s quite difficult to express the wonderful feel of warm colors from those lovely golden rays tinkling us saying…hey let`s wind up from the work….hey see ya tomorrow.

The best goodnight you ever get is from the bright moon, crescent to  full style.The cool feather touch of moonlight makes you shine as bright as a pearl.Moon loves to play hide and seek with you…..

Did you ever try watching constantly those lovely little star clusters and innocent stars trying to talk to you and fill the sky in your eyes with twinkling dreams,common code your eyes make us come true!!!

No one can share you so in depth like a sea.The way the waves carry your msg to the deep sea and brings back the message to you from the deep sea kingdom.

Isn`t it so wonderful that there is always some one with you all the way..that`s the way the universe designed by the creator always responding to your feelings and thoughts.
We just need to experience the response from the universe…sometimes feelings and so sometimes in action.

Can you ever forget till the last breath,the happy blissful shower of rain drops wetting you with loads of happiness.Can you ever forget those childhood plays in the rain with the friends.

Can you ever forget those wonderful rain drops drenching you in your tender youth…
Like a naughty friend teasing you making you wet in your nice dress and fading your eye shades….and laughing by uncontrollably falling and rolling on the ground making typical droplet sounds. LOL :)

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