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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Identify the perfect love!!

Just thinking about the unconditional love we enjoy all the life from our lovely parents.

We are accustomed to their true love and hence very rarely (unless you are super lucky) we find people whom we can trust their words of “I love you” sorts.

But once in a lifetime when we are in our tender feelings or rather fantasies….we of course, meet someone who really love us for no strong reason…but just for their perceptions about us. 

Thanks for those lovely beings who truly loved us and perceived us as lovely too.
But that's the time, when we are not really eligible to decide about  the lucky charm of the life,`cause of our innocent age or ignorant in identifying the trueness.

But when we find someone later in the life,when  that innocence gets covered up with reasonless attraction or selfishness ,and its purely bad luck for some …huh!!and hence this choice of relation troubles us and wildly suffers us  for their misperceptions(good or bad) `bout us.

But yes how can we come out of this!! 
One thing for sure …. you need to be strong to face this or come out of this.

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