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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LOVE!!.. The beautiful start for anything in LIFE.

  Love is such a beautiful feeling,which no one on this earth can express in words.

        Such a wonderful blessing which empowers the   surroundings to glitter with shiny bright  happiness.
   Love is the soul’s feeling.

   It’s a beautiful chance to fall in love.
   Acquiring or rather to say experiencing such a true love from someone is the biggest achievement being a human.

   Such a person who is eligible to be a soul mate,can make you feel happy every second in the life,deliberately or indeliberately.

  Love feels like a beautiful slight drizzling showering in the heart and you are waiting for someone who can be a  sole worthy to be a soul mate.

  Being loved for ever,is the most lovely and special gift from the “Supreme Almighty”,not everyone can get it in this life.

          Life definitely has Ups and Downs but the only true bond of love can keep you away from evil effects of sorrows and helps you further illuminate  a pure form of aura.

  “Mother Nature” clues us the way of life by her beautiful concept of changing the seasons. There won’t be any season forever.This implies to our lives in the phases of sadness and happiness. When the sad season occurs,we should wait for the happy one, which is for sure to be coming next.

     I would love to be with  “LOVE”… yes!!!
                                        “The Unconditional LOVE”.

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