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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let`s relax….the professional style!! :)

The friendly way to relax is nothing but just spending with the best buddies.

A simple tea party,a quite walk on the beach,a long conversation on many topics and happenings in life,movie-time ……..many ways to kill that silly,unattended stress in our lives.

I personally enjoy my time with the besties hanging around in a shopping mall,coffee shop etc.,
Having a good companion is the utmost important thing in the process of de-stressing ourselves or our buddies.

I strongly believe that loneliness is not pertained to being alone.Perceptions do change and I always perceive it as a lonely mind wandering and crying for harsh things happened in life,this state of mind  sounds like a loneliness.

If we dig deep on this topic, we can concretely conclude that while we are alone we can even  do better things too,like practicing our hobbies,working or rather thinking.But,when we are prone to loneliness of thoughts,the emptiness we feel around and also thoughts wander unattended or sometimes consider things more closely than required.This should lead to the stress and uncalm all those sleeping sad nodes in the heart which in turn  spread the painful vibes to the mind too.

Loneliness pertains purely  to the mind`s status.For instance,you may be in a big group around you and sometimes you  still feel lonely…you couldn`t find the right companion may be….And in some cases you still quite alone on the beautiful beach side and still feel complete….no loneliness nearby…So it`s just our status of mind.

Let`s try to spend our time as much as possible with our loved one`s,chit chat,enjoy the good books,different thoughts etc.,

Have a great time !!!!!

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