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Friday, December 19, 2014

I am Yours` Forever!!!

You are always with me …. I have million reasons to see you in me…   

I met you and started to forget everything …what`s desire and what`s passion.

I finally  got showered in the real happiness,just as the prayers got answered. 

I met you and those sad shades started detanning and got washed away in the shower of happiness.

I started to blush,which is a real new feeling again.

Every season is changing so happily ,and the only the lord knows my feelings.

I started to forget what`s so soothing  and what`s peace of mind.

All these are just the result of those answered questions.

The tender feelings were killed so badly….but the new life is taking a turn…

I met you and started flowering with happiness again.

You tried to explain me and Yes I understood….Now…..That we can`t live in each other`s absence.

The fears of punished love and scars of sadness started layering off,with your smiling words.

“You said I am your dream,I am your love and I am everywhere for you.
This world is me and that world is me…I am every thing to you and I am on the mind always to  love and live with….”

Are you true….I never felt so emotional…Come on!!Now at least YOU don`t cheat me after saying such cherishing words….Don`t hurt me please…I can`t take it anymore from anyone..I am over it… You are a my happy wish come true…

Now that I started dreaming, We will live in a beautiful house,and live together with many incarnations of our love.Let`s dream together now…let`s laugh together now…

After that you said many such lovely  things …you really made me bloom again….

I think I am in LIFE….for the first time again……..

Thank you for your strong love!!

Hope to see you soon again……my dear…

Please don`t call me with heavy heart..…Let`s wait for each other.. Please give me time dear..

Nobody knew what I was going through….Nobody knew the pain I still carry  now….

Only lord knows…

A magic started in our lives,let`s enjoy the flying colors of happiness.

Yes,its a dream.. But soon coming true …may be in the soon next chapter of life…

Keep wishing and lord always have an ear to our prayers.

Such a lovely feeling,can at least live on this for few days….

It`s been a saga of life on this earth now Since before I felt so happy in the hands of my life donors and again now because of you.

Sorry for hurting you by being so unaccepting all the way….May be till the  next chapter of life,we will wait for each other…

You were true…we will definitely meet in every life of ours.

Million ways this world hurt me and make me feel alone…..I know you are always here for me…
always here for me..

In my every word and every thought and every microsecond of life….You are there…yes here with me and in me…

First time I opened myself to someone after a being so much to myself and that someone took over it…making me so week physically and mentally…

I never open up again in any life…Now that you know me ….I know you definitely cure my pain.

I know you are with me all the time.Sorry for hurting you my tender love and unconditional love.

You come to me as a good notes of music,as a good dream as a good feeling and good thoughts ….I know you are here with me….

Million ways this world force me to stay away from you by hurting you and me….I know you are with me being me.

Dear!hold my hands,I am afraid of everything.Don`t let me go this time.

Dear hold me tight,I am afraid of every harsh thing in life.Don`t let any cruelty touch me from miles.

Dear talk to me ,I am afraid to talk….I got hurt bleeding inner and outer so badly.

I know I am all alone in the world….Sorry for making you cry by not accepting you, may be your tears of pain cursed me….Thanks for loving me so madly…Thanks for making me feel the strong parental unconditional love…. again in your hands….

   Thank you  for  helping me live,
with tears………………
Yours`  Forever,

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