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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Traveling!!

The journey starts...
Here you are if you love traveling….Yes! traveling to new places or in thoughts!!…..

     Yes… we all love traveling in our lives.Some travel physically and some mentally…. Yeah..Isn`t it true? that people really love exploring new places and enjoy the stuff equally and yes some love traveling in their thoughts.

Most of us really does two things…..haha may be at the same time!!!There are many such funny strikes where we found ourselves missing the train of thoughts and ending up in wondering…WHAT……Where am I? stuffs….

        Let`s talk about physical traveling….rather easy to talk…;)

I love traveling to different good places,But our constrain sometimes could be a need of good companion…with minimum expected quality of enjoying the place and exploring with good equal energies….and off course who can really catch the glimpse of happy things around and enjoy talking the same.For me someone like my mother, I really enjoy and explore places with her.She is the goddess of my life….who just makes my wish come true with her sweet smile and unconditional love. And also I love to travel with my best buddies….You know,we can really freak out with the best ones`.

But,fortunately if you have a friendly,think-a-like and happy-going,cool soul mate….then you are the most luckiest being who's is happy-go-lucky ,like having that secret magic wand with you. ;)

One day, I definitely want  to go to Maldives.You can encounter the topic of this island in my different article too.

I just wanna be there with my best,lovely mom,dad and with my best buddies.

I really enjoy the livelihood in one of the Asia`s wonderful islands.I feel like the curvy waves talking to me and bringing me a message with every wave…I feel like the waves are the messengers between me and my secret angel`s kingdom from the sea.

I enjoy the beautiful emerald beaches around which are known for their  mesmerizing happy colors tickling the happy nooks and corners of mind, every time I see them.The beautiful clean sand makes me feel the warmness tinkling my feet friendly.

One day I want to wear that beautifully made real coral jewelry.I always fantasized about coral islands since my childhood.This is the way the universe replied to my wish,by landing me in this group of coral islands.

I will be more on the “must see and explore” places in the world  in the coming topics….

See you all!!


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