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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Couples Day!!

“Happy Couples” Day!!

Yeah!!It`s November 22nd ,  it`s a special day for the most of the couples.There are many campaigns and discounts offered at many shopping places,restaurants and movie theaters.Just to encourage the couples to empathize and help each other,and to stay together forever happily

   Does n`t it sound interesting. I hope all the couples in this world enjoy their married life like  happy picnic.No sufferings,no forcing,no arrogance,no isolation,no harassment,no violence,no hurting at all.

So friends let us all enjoy the happy couples day. Let`s Thank God for making the best couples all over the world.

What do the women in the world had to say about living happily with the most unsuitable person on this earth?

Is it a challenge haunting  for the lifetime or just a don`t care concept you need to follow all the time.

Having a healthy married life is too difficult for a human being. :)

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