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Friday, December 12, 2014

Dreams and Interpretation

Dreams have always been unanswered questions to many of us. I had asked my elders and had read some books on interpreting the dreams,I have pretty satisfied on spot with the theory.But,I just wanna dig deep on this and tried to know the exact reason why dreams play a vital role in our lives.I felt Dreams are Dreams ,yeas not real!! But,what should one interpret from the dreams.
I never strongly believed that dreams are suggestive or rather prompting something about our future,present or past endeavors . 

But,yes I felt really happy when I had positive dreams about spirituality,freedom and innocent kids,equally innocent elders.But later in my life I got to know what dreams trying to suggest me. I am still not sure of what the dreams are suggestive about,but I tried interpreting dreams.

Once after I started thinking and analyzing my dreams and co-relating them with my past,future and daily life - thoughts,emotions,feelings. May be unknowingly,I started to analyzing the dreams and did a valuable research on them.

Since,my childhood I see some dreams the same often and such dreams are so deeply routed in my mind.I can analyze the dreams a little now and interpret to the situations and mentally balance my deeds and actions.

Here are some personal interpretations of some of my infinite dreams so far… :)

 We don`t have to be so calculative about the dreams.But in the whole day schedule,these interpretations may help us to be in safe mode.

Some  instances, 

Dream : Lions or Tigers.
Interpretation: If I dream of lions or tigers running behind me and I am trying to escape from it.
I analyzed it as,  some unknown insecurities hunting me to become a prey to the upcoming obstacles and minor/major dangers.
Results: Some sudden unknown disturbances in daily life relating to past or present.
How to React: Taking it as a suggestion we can prepare ourselves not exactly wait for the disturbances,but just be aware of the things we do.Just take a little more effort in executing tasks.

Dream: Snakes 
Interpretation: I never really had any too scary dream of snakes so far.But,I often see a big Idol of 5 or more  headed  idol of snake.Before which I simply stand or staring at it.

Results: I dreamt about hooded snake biting on my arma,but I never really had any bad circumstances in this case.

Once I dreamt about a huge snake with many hoods raised and trying to give me shelter under its amazing raised hoods.

Sometimes I dreamt about some snakes pondering here and there in my house.I felt that it resulted to some minor disturbances or misunderstandings between the siblings.

How to React: Infact I never got scared or disturbed with the snakes in my dreams. Not sure of the reason…why? 
I disturb a lot about lions,tigers,Oxes.

Dream: Flying in the sky.
Interpretation: I often get this dream where in I free-fly in the sky and land in beautiful fields and cities.I always have control on my flying and never ever had experienced scary unmanaged flying in the sky. 
Results: Feel calm and really enjoy stretching and lightening the mind to relaxation.
How to react : Just feel happy about flying.Because,it resembles to freedom in the life.
I see the scary water bodies,islands and sometimes animals.I get disturbed and scared in the dream of landing in the wrong place,but never it happened so far…Me glad of it!!

Standing before Star Cluster.
Dream: Sky and Stars.
Interpretation: Since my childhood ,I  often see myself in the sky quiet ahead from my house, and in the I am facing towards the twinkling star cluster .I always love to see the stars in dream or in real.But,this should be one of my favorite dreams….:)
Results: I still couldn`t interpret what does this dream meant to suggest or resemble for me. 
How to React: I just feel over whelmed with  the stars being very near to me. And the florescent glow of those awesome illuminating group of stars.

Dream: Dream House1

Interpretation: This is also one of the dreams I see from my childhood. It`s a beautiful white house entrance with shelter for parking and beautiful lantern beside the entrance with a cute letter box and some beautiful yellow and different colored flowers randomly carpeting the land and some dried leaves here and there with some cute birds voices.I often see myself in mid-thirties with some handsome and Mr.nice guy types husband. I believed it should be my dream husband.;).

I really feel so happy at the scene of that house and person too. ;);)

Results: Just feel awesome , ruminating the sight of the house and ;).I recently, after so many years saw a beach house resembling it a little and I couldn`t stop myself shedding the tears of happiness and stunned to the trueness of my dream.

How to React:  I feel so confident,secured  being with the man beside me.One day I want be in the beautiful dream house …hopefully in or before my mid-thirties….;)

Dream : Dream House2

Interpretation:  I often see a house in the middle of the land/ground, where the  beautiful tiny green grass blanketing the ground all around the house till the distance my eyes could catch. The house is built on a wooden high stage, and draped me in traditional dress standing in the balcony ,drinking coffee/tea watching the beautiful scenery .Someone(may be my dream husband …here too!!) from inside comes and stands just a step behind to my side and enjoys the coffee/tea and  also gets mesmerized to the beautiful scenery and talks to me about our kids and life.
How to React:Whenever I see this dream,I feel so happy and shed the tears of the happiness to see my dream come true.I can never forget the beautiful cool weather with greenery around.I love to see my dream come true very soon.

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