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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A woman`s feelings about her marraige!!!!


       What is the meaning hmm rather purpose!! of marriage? So,Yeah  it`s  been few years and she is still confused .... what the fuss about marriage is?
She`s still sad about things happened and happening with her.
She  want to sit calm on the beach side and watch the dancing waves.

       She  started thinking about everything so far she went through from the days of her childhood, till today.

She was happy,sad,worried,scared,tensed,insecured,strong,weak,good,bad,careless,too careful,caring,witty,sportive,challenging,loosing,gaining,flowing,stopping, far she`s been EVERYTHING.

She says her life is mostly covered with the sadness of lonliness , still being in crowd.

She is lost in her thoughts,which were resonating accordingly with the waves.
Everyone wants happiness....She asks herself "Why not me?","What`s my fault?",She was literally crying ..... the sand was so thirsty that just sinking her  tears.....and asked her,

"Whats`s the matter? Do you need my help? I am here for you ...what are you looking for?......"

        She turned and watched around...she could see no one. World was too busy in its way.
She thought it`s just her feeling and heard nothing in real.

   She again lost in her thoughts soon after. She tried to analyze the cause of all her pains.She could find many reasons but was so tired thinking how to deal with those.

"She" is the women, who dreamt so big about their husband since her childhood. However sophisticated she is, career wise,look wise.....I mean whatever she is..she definitely at least once in her life think and dream too big about her husband.

She needs a gentleman who is so caring like her dad and the best of all like her mother.
But it`s very rear to here from some woman that she got the darling of her heart,who is utmost caring and the best. The best down`t mean to be perfect in all he does...It only means that THE BEST in giving UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!!

    But living in an immense confusion of WHAT IS LOVE ALL ABOUT? is the biggest upset in life.

But,I can say there`s still that true and unconditional LOVE on the air...even it seems to be an  impossible task.

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